About us

About Us

Founded in 1980

Zinger (H.K.) Sports Company is a subsidiary of Zhanfeng Limited, a company that has operated in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and has diversified business operations, including plastic chemicals, communications equipment, Finished goods trade.

Zinger (H.K.) Sports Company

Zinger (H.K.) Sports Company company was founded in 1980, specializing in the operation of trophies, medals, silver plates, crystal glass, acrylic calendar, badges, metal certificates, wooden souvenirs and shields, a wide range of products.The company set up factories in Shenzhen, mainland China, to cope with copper etching, badge manufacturing, wood production, the banner of the production; in order to produce a more varied style and meet quality requirements, the plant in recent years more additional computer production output system, such as Laser machine, such as Jie sector. Over the years, Zhan Fung’s prizes and souvenirs have embellished countless awards and activities and won the support of many government departments, private organizations, sports organizations, disciplinary forces, voluntary agencies, insurance companies, banks and schools!

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